The Third Peril Reviews and Book Trailer

“The Third Peril is a novel that merges elements of historical fiction and contemporary suspense. In 1777, as he fought and suffered to win freedom for the fledgling nation of America, General George Washington received a divine revelation at Valley Forge: ‘Three great perils will come upon this nation,’ and ‘The Third Peril will be the worst.’ The first two great trials were destined to be the Revolutionary War and the Civil War; in the modern day, a terrible shadow looms. Influenced by a profound premonition, five-year-old Connor Hays, son of the Chief Economic Advisor to the President, warns that ‘War is coming to America!’ But will anyone listen to a child, let alone believe him? Re-examining the underpinnings of crises that can topple powerful nations, The Third Peril is a page-turner to the very end. Also highly recommended are author L. P. Hoffman's previous novels, ‘The Canaan Creed’ and ‘Shadow of the Piper’.”
--Midwest Book Review, June 2013, Small Press Bookwatch

A Sampler of Goodreads reviews:
  • "This is, I promise you, a book for our times."
  • "And it was awesome!"
  • "...this book IS a winner."
  • "Definitely worth checking out!"
  • "Totally sucked me in."
  • "Loved this book!!!"  
  • "It was beautifully written."

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